What do I need to qualify for Tribal Adoption?

  • Hold a valid, current passport 
  • Be self-supporting
  • Be able to meet Department of Home Affairs character requirements


Is it legal for an Indigenous tribe to adopt a person from outside of their tribe?

It is totally legal.  If the Tribe recognizes you as part of their Group/Mob, you are considered to be a member of the Tribe.

Who is this not suitable for?

If you are in need of a working visa immediately, this solution will not be for you.

Should you wish to simply live here with family, retire or enter a business arrangement this will definitely be for you.  If you are able to wait a bit until we conclude our case, you should be able to do what you wish.

How long until the Class Action is complete?

As soon as we have the required amount of contributions for the Australian part of the Action, it will be commenced on full-time basis.

All of the information required for the Class Action will be compiled in Australia by our Australian Legal team.

As the Action will ultimately be taken to Europe, we will be working in conjunction with our International Lawyers to bring the Action before the United Nations Human Rights Tribunal.


We are hoping that by the time the Australian part is complete we will have the necessary funds to support the final, international part of the Action.

How many people can be listed under one adoption?

Your adoption certicate will include one person only. Direct family members must make their own individual applications.

Will my name be listed on the Class Action?

It will be added to the Class Action.  You wil be part of a historical event?

Where is the Tribal land located?

It is a vast beautiful area which consists of gorges, rivers and native flora and fauna, located in Queensland, Australia.

What if the Class Action is unsuccessful? Will I receive a refund?

As with any kind of legal action, there are never guarantees that one will receive a favourable result.  Your lawyer does not refund his fees that you have given him should your case fail.  We are exceptionally confident that we will receive a favourable result; whether it is before the case is heard – or after.