Membership Certificate

This option will provide you with an Membership/Adoption Certificate.

The Certificate will only require a fixed contribution of  GBP 5200 per person + VAT.  

If you have been rejected, this gives you a second chance.

Should you just want to join your family in Australia, this is your opportunity.

If you cannot meet the age or skills criteria, this will give you an alternative solution.

It is an insurance policy against future unknown obstacles.

When you consider how few options there are to move to Australia without the desired skills and without being under age of 44 years, the Certificate offers significant value and has an extremely real chance of succeeding.

What do you need to do?

  1. Pay your contribution fee.
  2. Once your fee is paid you will receive paperwork to complete which will ask for personal details of all applicants for insertion into your Certificate.
  3. Complete the paperwork with your personal details.
  4. Be able to provide a valid, current passport upon request.
  5. Wait for your Adoption Certificate and welcome letter which will be sent to your nominated email address or postal address. 


We are always exceptionally grateful for any donations to support our Cause.