About Us

Our Aim & Mission

The First Nations peoples have overcome many hurdles in their past.

The overwhelming support to the 1967 referendum was the start of recognizing the Aboriginal Race and giving them National Recognition as Australian citizens and the right to vote and be counted in the national census was the start.

However, a side affect of the referendum meant that the state governments could make decisions with regard to the “welfare” of the tribes.  In addition, the Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families (Stolen Generation) up until 1969.

Since that time, they have achieved:

  • compensation for the Stolen Generation children;
  • many have limited Land Use native title land agreements;
  • a formal apology from the then Prime Minister – Kevin Rudd in 2008;
  • Plus other achievement which do not provide the tribes with any future of sovereignty/self-determination.

With your assistance, we want to take the next vital step towards giving them a place to call home.  We plan to:

  • assist our First Nations Tribal Group to achieve self-determination.
  • assist our Group to fully adopt and allow foreign persons from other countries the opportunity to become Australian citizens.
  • seek to alter current Draconian Australian Immigration Laws by utilization of Tribal Adoption and to challenge their Laws through the international legal system.

Our team is a group of individuals who have been working to right the wrongs which have been done to the First Nations people of this country for several years.  We are starting with this first ever International Indigenous Class Action case for the Tribe we are associated with.

This website came about when we first heard a while ago about an old friend who has been stuck in Immigration Detention for several years. We have  arranged for a adoption certificate for him to help with his efforts to be released.  Already things are starting to move along, with his deportation on hold.  We decided to take this one step further by helping those who are in need, as well as helping the Tribe with the funding of an international sovereignty legal case.

Considering that the  overall size and composition of the 2023-24 permanent Migration Program is planned at 190,000, we feel that a few Adoptees would not make any difference in the overall migration figures.


 The Indigenous/First Nations peoples lived in Australia many thousands of years before the white man came.  They never declared war on the British when they officially arrived in 1788 to establish a permanent colony.  Their rights and property were taken illegally and against their will.

Our international legal consultant and Tribal Attorney General – Zoltan Varszeghy, has over 35 years combined experience in Commercial, Criminal and International Law.  There are no persons that we know of in Australia who have the understanding of the Indigenous culture along with knowledge and ability in the international court arena.  In fact, we have two First Nations cases currently in the international court system.

We help people on a regular basis where we can.  A good example is the story of our sporting hero below.

 The remainder of our Team prefer to remain behind the scenes due to the sensitive nature of our case.