How new revolutionary tribal adoption solution could be your GOLDEN TICKET to Australia

How new revolutionary tribal adoption solution could be your GOLDEN TICKET to Australia

How new revolutionary tribal adoption solution could be your GOLDEN TICKET to Australia

How new revolutionary tribal adoption solution could be your GOLDEN TICKET to Australia

For those who do not meet the criteria, we offer a SECOND CHANCE AT AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION.

Tired of the long wait, appeals and lack of response from Australian's visa system?

Every day we see people writing in Facebook sites about how they have waited over 6 years to have their application processed.  Australia’s unknown secret may be your brightest opportunity!

Have you run out of visa options but still want to come to the land down under?

This can give you an additional pathway to increase your chances of migration – a viable alternative and insurance policy to stay.

Help from the most unlikely.

Imagine: an entire First Nations tribe willing to wrap their arms around YOU.  They want to adopt you. Legally. Guess what – your tribal adoption could be the gateway to Australian citizenship.

Want to retire or simply join your family who is living in Australia?

So did many others until they pulled the plug on retirement visas.  Most temporary family-type visas do not offer any security past six months to a few years. The Tribe could be your ticket in.

This is a game changer!

This tribal adoption is more than just a certificate. It’s an allegiance, a bond, a ray of hope.  Your contribution is not just helping you – its fuelling a class action against an oppressive system.

The Business Mind

Building a small empire Down Under should not just be for those under 55.   Many businesses (especially if you join a family member or friend) can be started for far less than the Government requires you to have.

This is how you can can take advantage of a little-known and rarely-used practice of tribal adoption.

How will this Adoption work?

Step 1

Australian First Nations Adoption and Immigration Ltd have a First Nations Tribe who will legally adopt you as a member of their Tribe and give you an Adoption Certificate.  You do not have to do anything more. t

Under current law, Aboriginals cannot be deported from Australia!!  https//

As an Adoptee, you will have the same opportunity to remain in Australia. You still will not be a permanent citizen YET.

Step 2

We plan to commence an Action in the International Human Rights Tribunal of the United Nations on behalf of the Tribe for them to obtain self-determination.  Once the Class Action commences, it will be concluded either by negotiation prior to or by actual court hearing.  Either way, the one non-negotiable request will be that all Adoptees be made permanent Australian citizens.

Class Actions can cost quite an amount of money to prepare and submit.  This is the purpose of the contribution fee.


We know what you could be thinking. You could be thinking that there is no such thing as Aboriginal/First Nations tribal adoption.  In fact, tribal adoption has been going on for 200 years. 

Below are two links to recent cases which have been held in the High Court of Australia. In each case, the persons who were adopted Aborigines/First Nations people were able to remain in Australia. Here are a few cases that have agreed that First Nations adopted people can stay in Australia.



Class Action Details

We are extremely confident that we have the necessary legal precedents and scientific evidence to dispute the Government’s handling of the Tribe’s inability to achieve self determination.  They have established illegal and impossible hurdles which are meant to hinder the Tribe’s progress.

The Tribe is seeking self-determination/sovereignty to allow them to have an official place to call home and to culturally, economically and politically manage their lands.  What is desired is a reasonable arrangement similar to that of the North American Indian tribes.

Further areas which the Action will also be challenging is:  the current test for aboriginality which is both unproveable and infringes on international human rights.

Are you ready to join us to fight against this injustice and for your right to become an Australian Citizen? 


Whether you’re in for the long haul with our Class Action or simply want to back our mission, its time to act.